Mail for Santa

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    Ever wondered why you didn’t get the presents you ordered from Santa Claus? (watch it in HD on youtube) This is another one for illustration friday… on a pretty tight schedule, so it turned out to be more of an animatic than an actual animation. I hope you still like it – maybe I can […]

beneath (illustration friday)

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I was going for a mole-disco when I realized Christy B. had done something similar. That is why poor little penguin got pushed beneath a falling piano… (Don’t worry, he’ll be ok – flattened out, he’ll waddle to the side and pop to normal size just like every good cartoon character would) …another one for Illustration […]

craving (illustration friday)

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Have you seen “Little Red Hot Riding Hood”? It’s a great Tex Avery short from 1943. The makers of “The Mask” obviously have – Jim Carrey has a craving for Cameron Diaz. My mixed memories of those two films lead me to painting this green version of Mr. Wolf – hope you like it. …another […]


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this is an animation from my new website: It kind of fits the leap topic at illustrationfriday – have fun with your mouse (rollover&click) Update: This project can now safely be called “old” website. Here you can still see what it looked like: Flash website of til5 back in the days


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Miss Ing was missing the realization that she would always mis-sing. Her dog Deaffy didn’t seem to mind, neither her lack of talent nor visibility. My second illustration for Illustration Friday (ballpen and Photoshop)